35 Years of Manufacturing Experience.

Cost Effective Frequency Conversion & Ground Power Solutions.

Failsafe Power (or Rulix in some territories) is a UK manufacturer with more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of high powered frequency converters and rectifiers. The design emphasis has always been on dependability, durability, ease of use and the low cost of ownership. Many converters made by the company as far back as the 1990s are still in full operation and with the advent of the new Failsafe “ABLE” generation of converters this same reliability is available in even more compact and cost effective packages.

ABLE 60 50-60Hz Rulix.pdf ABLE-90 Rulix.pdf ABLE-80 Rulix iss B.pdf ABLE-60 Rulix.pdf ABLE-30 Rulix.pdf Products (+ Rental/Hire)

2 Year Warranty

Standard models held in stock

Manufactured in the EU  

Lowest cost of purchase & ownership

Aerospace Frequency Converters:

Industrial Frequency Converters:

Galvanically isolated, sinusoidal outputs

Global input voltages

400Hz - Internal Use
400Hz - 19” Rack Mount
400Hz - External Use & GPU
28VDC - External Use & GPU
50 to 60Hz & 60 to 50Hz
Marine Converters
Products (+ Rental/Hire)
Rental (hire)
Hire table RulixC.pdf

19” rack mount, 2.5 & 4KVA.

115/200V, 3ph 400Hz output.

50 or 60Hz input, 230V 1ph.

Digital display of output I, V, Hz, Kw, Kva.

Variable output voltage and frequency options.

Heavy duty construction, designed for use in continuous duty.

Reverse 400Hz to 50/60Hz
ABLE-60R Reverse  Rulix.pdf ABLE-30 Rack Mount.pdf
Rack Mount 400Hz, 1ph in - 3ph out
Since 1985